All consultations are free and can be given in person OR via text message or email.

I require a deposit for all services and to secure a time for your tattoo work.

Age to get a tattoo is 18 UNLESS you have parent consent. Parent must be with you at your appointment and must provide proof of guardianship. Must bring STATE ID , DRIVERS LICENSE or SCHOOL ID. A birth certificate must be brought with you if you are under 18.

Your deposit is equal to 1 hour of tattoo time, which is my minimum charge. If you choose to cancel your appointment, the deposit is forfeited unless (within 48 hours of your tattoo) a new date and time has been selected for your tattoo.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me via email or by calling/texting (937) 319.3988 or **Email Me**at InkByTattedToni@gmail.com

If you ever feel unfairly treated, please always communicate this to me so we can work out an agreement and keep the mood and the outcome positive. If at any point you need to change, amend or modify and aspect of our work together, contact me directly. I am a very open person and would love to make things right.

Here are some conditions that I believe all clients should understand before moving forward with any work. Read then completely and ask any questions necessary to ensure your complete understanding.


Financial Terms:To plan time for your tattoo I need a deposit payment.By paying the deposit you automatically agree to what is laid out in this statement. This statement acts as a terms and conditions for our work together.

List statement

  • The amount of this deposit is variable depending on the project and stated below.

  • The deposit is going to be deducted from the last session of this project.

  • Deposits are NEVER refundable so do not nook unless you are prepared to lose it if you cannot makes it.

  • Please always communicate any delay or other event that interferes with your appointment with me as soon as possible so I can accommodate your situation to my best ability.

  • If we don’t end up tattooing because we can’t agree on a design, I will keep the deposit as a design fee.

  • In case of hourly payments, deposits are always deducted from the cost of the last session.

How you pay:

Hourly: I charge $100-$150 a hour , depending on location, for as long as your project will take. Credit and debit & cash app can be accepted . Estimates on how many hours a piece will take are not binding. The nature of tattooing is not an exact science. By choosing this method everything will always be fair and square between us and you won’t need to have all the money ready to go. I only charge actual tattoo time and freehand/digital drawing ,smoke and toilet breaks are included.

Full Price: Prepaying can save you significant amounts of money depending on the size of your piece and will provide peace of mind for both of us. By choosing this method we both are committed to finishing the piece as planned.

I reserve all rights to the website and all of the artwork on it as well. If caught stealing anything , it will turn into a legal matter.