THERE ARE NO REFUNDS AFTER BOOKING. Please do not book if you are not 100% sure you can make it. I only accept rescheduling. You must contact me 48 hours before scheduled appointment time. If you choose to contact me after your 48 hour grace period or contact me the day of, THERE IS NO RE-SCHEDULE. There are no changes to tattoo the day of, UNLESS you have contacted me 48 hours before, to make changes. You have to understand that when you book me for a session , those hours are blocked. Therefore I lose money because you chose to switch last minute. Someone else could have been in my chair getting paid work. During the re-schedule period , I will work with you for another appointment date, that works with me. All custom drawings before the tattoo cost me time and are included in your session. All OUT OF STATE BOOKINGS are non-refundable so please book accordingly. LATE POLICY: IF YOU ARE RUNNING LATE YOU MUST LET ME KNOW BEFORE HAND! DO NOT JUST WALK IN MY SHOP LATE WITHOUT NOTICE. There is a 15 minute grace period to show up for appointment . After 15 minutes there is a $10 charge. After 20 minutes there is a $15 charge. You have a maximum of 30 minutes to arrive and at that point there is a $25 charge. If you arrive after that your appointment is CANCELLED , YOU ARE BLOCKED & NO REFUND OR RESCHEDULE IS GIVEN. I have had issues in the past so if you choose to dispute a transaction with your bank , I will fight it with my policy THAT HAS BEEN STATED. If I cannot do that through my bank , It will turn legal. f you have any questions please feel free to contact me BEFORE booking. PLEASE ALLOW 1 EXTRA HOUR OUT OF YOUR DAY WHEN BOOKING FOR LONGER SESSIONS because drawing and set-up takes time and breaks may be needed. DO NOT BOOK ON A DAY WHERE YOU ARE ON A TIME CRUNCH. THINGS HAPPEN AND SOMETIMES THERE IS A SMALL WAIT. I TAKE MY TIME AND DO NOT RUSH TATTOOS SO I WILL NOT BE RUSHED to get you out the door. COVER-UP POLICY: - If your tattoo is a COVER-UP , you need to let that be known BEFORE YOU BOOK. Cover-ups normally take more time because I am covering work. *BY BOOKING APPOINTMENT YOU ARE AGREEING TO THESE TERMS!* THANKS FOR TRUSTING AND CHOOSING ME TO DO YOUR TATTOO! I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING YOU !  

Fulfillment Policy

The fulfillment of your booking as based on the date and time you have chosen from open calendar. If you have chosen to get tatted October 1st at 2pm that is the time you will receive you work unless you can contacted me to discuss otherwise.